Business Development and Entrepreneurship / tourism

DEPA Consulting specializes in providing comprehensive and high-quality services to clients and stakeholders in business development, entrepreneurship, and tourism. Our focus is on addressing development issues, promoting the development of value chains, enhancing efficiency, and fostering sustainable long-term growth through increased productivity, process management, and business plan elaboration.

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 8, which targets economic growth and decent work, and SDG 9, emphasizing industry, innovation, and infrastructure, DEPA Consulting is committed to promoting sustainable business and entrepreneurship development internationally. We actively collaborate with local and international organizations to implement projects in these areas, offering services such as monitoring, evaluation, research, and assessment, in an interdisciplinary approach that integrates tourism and business development while conserving nature and local environments.

Our team comprises experts with extensive experience and knowledge, enabling us to offer innovative, data-based solutions to specific questions and challenges. Through our integrated approach and interdisciplinary expertise, we strive to drive positive change and contribute to sustainable development on a global scale.

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