Children and Youth

DEPA Consulting is dedicated to empowering children and young people who often confront challenges such as poverty, discrimination, and lack of opportunities, particularly prevalent in developing countries. We collaborate with local and international organizations, government agencies, and stakeholders engaged in youth work, providing a wide range of interdisciplinary services including needs assessment, opinion studies, training, economic empowerment, and monitoring and evaluation.

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 4 which emphasizes quality education and SDG 10 focused on reducing inequalities, DEPA Consulting strives towards a vision where children and youth are respected, their rights realized and protected, and they have opportunities for professional development and individual contribution to society. Our team of professionals prioritizes the well-being and safety of youth, offering multifaceted consulting capacities to enable stakeholders to achieve their goals through thorough analysis and evaluation.

Through our rich experience and dedication, we aim to create a world where children and youth thrive and contribute positively to their communities, fostering inclusive development and sustainable progress.

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