Social Services in Georgia – strong CSOs for quality services

Project Client / Donor 
  • World Vision Georgia
  • Europe
  • Civil Society and NGO Development
  • Social Services
Project Duration
01.2024 - 03.2024
  • Georgia
  • Research

The core objective of feasibility study is to provide a detailed examination of the facets of the proposed project on micro, mezzo, and macro-level, seeking to assess its practicability and potential contribution to strengthening technical and managerial capacity of local Civil Society Organizations in social service provision.

The main purpose of the Feasibility study is to collect necessary data that will be the base for improving the project proposal. Particularly,

➢ The focus, scope and depth of feasibility is geared towards the complexity and scope of the planned project and the political, economic and cultural context.

➢The study analyses the context on several levels (micro, mezzo, macro)

➢ The study provides an analysis of the theory of change, that means the analysis of the concept to solve the problem situation of the target group and stakeholders and subject the planned project to a critical examination based on the OECD DAC criteria, relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.

➢ Provides specific recommendations for adjustments of project proposal including the theory of change (logic of objectives at different levels (goal, outcome, output) and activities/ measures), taking into account the stakeholders involved, monitoring and evaluation system as well as opportunities and risks.

In addition, the study includes:

➢ Mapping of CSOs providing social services or being potential service providers

➢ dentification of needs and gaps of the local service providers in quality service provision

➢ Mapping of central government and Municipalities portfolio of outsourced services to CSOs and their intentions concerning further outsourcing/ giving out grants

➢ Mapping of monitoring mechanisms, existing tools and regulations of different services available in the country • Identification of the key partner stakeholders’ capacities and areas for improvement

  • Georgia
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