Youth-Focused Labour Market Assessment in Georgia

Project Client / Donor 
  • Save the Children
  • Europe
  • Education / TVET
  • Labour Market
Project Duration
07.2024 - 10.2018
  • Georgia
  • Evaluation and Assessment

educational services and analyse how youth’ existing skills and available opportunities match the market demand in 4 regions of Georgia.

The objectives of assessment were the following: Identification of current and future trends on the labour markets of proposed 4 regions with the focus on economic sectors that potentially require highly skilled and qualified workforce. Specification of jobs and skills that are currently needed or would be generated in these sectors. Identification of what are the support mechanisms (financial and other) for youth in selected regions to develop their entrepreneurial potential and what skills are necessary for youth to become successful entrepreneurs. Studying and assessing the scope of educational programs of the non-formal education providers in selected regions in order to see how the demand for skills is met by these trainings and specify the gap. What skills do local youth offer and what challenges do they face on the labour market.

The study applied desk research (including secondary data analysis), qualitative (key informant interviews) and quantitative (face to face interviews) research methods covering 4 target groups: local youth, private sector employers, non-formal educational providers and key stakeholders.

  • Georgia
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